Category: Driver Market

Who will partner Russell in 2019?

Williams confirmed George Russell at the team last week but who will be his teammate in 2019?

Giovinazzi completes Sauber line-up

Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team have confirmed that Giovinazzi will partner Raikkonen from 2019.

F1’s young driver conundrum

F1 finds itself in a dilemma, there are many backed, talented drivers in and around in the sport but they are struggling to find a drive, why is this?

Formula 2’s Rising Stars

With the F2 championship still open, we look at their title chances and what F1 opportunities are ahead of them.

What now for F1’s driver market?

After Alonso’s departure, Sainz replacing him and Gasly signing for Red Bull, where does the rest of the driver market stand?