Significantly re-designed Mercedes engine for 2019

As competition closes up, Mercedes are set to run a significantly re-designed engine for 2019. Renault are claiming “substantial” gains on their engine for 2019 and with Red Bull boasting the progress Honda have made as well as Ferrari to no doubt make gains, Mercedes need to keep progressing the engine if they wish to stay at the front.

Mercedes engine operations chief Andy Cowell has confirmed some of the changes made to this years engine: “We’ve made changes to the cooling architecture of the power unit, which hopefully provide aerodynamic benefit on the car and also provide efficiency benefit on the power unit – so, hopefully a win on both the chassis and on the power unit.”

“Right at the heart of the power unit is the conversion of fuel into heat release in the combustion chamber and useful work out of the crankshaft.”

“We have made steps on the combustion efficiency and on the ERS system. The marriage between the turbocharger assembly with the MGU-H, the inverter, the cells and the MGU-K: that whole system is now capable of operating more efficiently and helping with energy deployment through a race.”

Although there a no changes to engine regulations itself this year there have been changes to the amount of fuel permitted in the car for the race, increasing the maximum fuel allowance to 110kg from 105kg last year.

Andy Cowell has already revealed that some may not opt to run 110kg still due to the weight penalty this adds.

“If you have got an efficient engine with efficient aerodynamics and you are prepared to do a little bit of lift and coasting, then you have the opportunity to start the race at less than 110kg, for every 5kg of weight you save, it’s about two tenths of a second a lap quicker, so there is a natural reward to starting the race a little bit lighter.”

“There is still a competitive edge from making an efficient car – both power unit and aerodynamics – and racing smartly to make sure that you have good pace at the start of the race as well as through the race.”

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