Mattia Binotto to replace Maurizio Arrivabene as Ferrari Team Principal

Maurizio Arrivabene has been confirmed to be departing Ferrari with Mattia Binotto taking his place.

Ferrari have had to runs at the championship the past few seasons but poor reliability in 2017 and mistakes by Vettel in 2018 have led them to fall short.

Many blamed the management at Ferrari putting pressure on Vettel with the German having to do more than his normal driving duties at the team leading to his on track mistakes.

All of this of course follows the death of Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne whose position has now been filled by John Elkann.

Binotto who is the current technical chief for Ferrari’s power unit is to take Arrivabene’s place as Team Principal.

There were rumours over the winter that Binotto was to leave Ferrari but that seems to have changed in the space of a month.

“After four years of untiring commitment and dedication, Maurizio Arrivabene is leaving the team.” Was the statement in Ferrari’s press release.

“The decision was taken together with the company’s top management after lengthy discussions related to Maurizio’s long term personal interests as well as those of the team itself.”

“With immediate effect, Mattia Binotto will take over as Scuderia Ferrari’s Team Principal. All technical areas will continue to report directly to Mattia.”

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