Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to Driven By Sport, you’ve either stumbled on here because you were typing in random words into Google or you have an interest in motorsport. Driven By Sport was an idea driven by a passion of motorsport and exists as a website to discuss motorsport from a fans perspective.

We love motorsport (like I hope you do) and as such will provide commentary, reviews and opinions on the world of motorsport making good use of graphics and images for those who don’t like too many words and in depth analysis for those who do. drivenbysport2 blue trans

We aim to publish daily content and keep you all up to date on the world of motorsport and we hope that we can capture some fans just starting to explore motorsport and build their knowledge and make them as fascinated in racing as we are.

We will start with the worlds of Formula One, Formula 2 and Formula E giving you all the latest on race analysis, driver transfer news, driver and team performances and much, much more.

We have many exciting plans for the future and hope everyone enjoys reading the blogs as much as we will enjoy writing them.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and get involved in the conversation.

Twitter: @drivenbysport

Instagram: drivenbysport

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